What To Know About Desk Wedges For Your Office

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Desk Wedge

Finding the right gift for someone can be challenging.  We usually try to think of something that will fit nicely in a certain area of a person’s life; a new book for the avid reader, a new golf club for someone that plays every weekend, something for the kitchen for a friend that loves to cook.  However, a prime and often ignored space is the desk.  Someone’s desk, whether at home or at work, is likely where they spend a significant amount of time.  One great idea to spruce up a workspace is with a customized desk wedge.  Not only can this be a meaningful gift, it also adds a level of sophistication and distinction to any office.

Desk Wedge Options and Features

Desk wedges are great way to enhance any desk.  They are available in a variety of finishes, including walnut and rosewood piano.  These wedges can also be customized with a wide array of plate colors and sizes.  There are also additional features that can be included like a business card holder.  However, what really sets a desk wedge apart is its ability to be customized.  Names, titles, and logos can all be added to any desk wedge, making this not only a unique gift, but a great identification tool for any organization.

Desk wedges can make great corporate gifts, as well as being the perfect space filler for quarterly or annual board meetings.  The Trophy House has the skills and experience to bring your ideas to life and can design and create desk wedges to meet your needs. 

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