Soccer Trophy and Award Ideas

Soccer Trophy and Award Ideas

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It’s that time of the year again.  School is back in session, football is back on television, and the soccer fields are full on the weekends.  After a summer full of baseball it’s time for many parents and kids to transition back to soccer.  While the season may be young, it’s never too early to start thinking about those end of the season awards and trophies.

It’s easy to go with the tried and true award categories and trophies.  However you can also put a new spin them as well.  Mixing up the types of awards, as well as the trophy, medal, ring, or ribbon can create some new traditions and add some fun. Here are few ideas to reward your soccer team with later this fall.

Most Improved Awards

Handing out a “most improved” award is nothing new.  However you can recognize more players for more reasons by adding to this category.  Offer a most improved defender, most improved passer, most improved goalie, etc.  These awards can stand out by using ribbons, medals, or trophies.

Attitude, Character, and Leadership Awards

This is a great category for recognizing players for different off-the-field accomplishments.  Most energetic, best listener, team spirit, and best leader awards all show your team how important this attributes are.  Again these accomplishments can be recognized a number of different ways.

Best or Most Awards

Similar to the most improved awards, you will want to honor your players and team for their on-the-field accomplishments.  And while you’ll want to honor your team’s MVP, you can also drill down and recognize the different elements of the game and season.  Best passer, most assists, most goals, best teammate, etc.  Rings, trophies and statues are all great mementos for these awards. 

No matter how you choose to shake up your end-of-the-season awards banquet, recognizing your hard working athletes on a successful season is the most important thing.  Make sure you do so with quality awards and trophies.  The experts at the Trophy House in Baton Rouge have just what you need.