Recognize Experience And Dedication With A Custom Lapel Pin

The Trophy House

It is well understood in the workplace that nothing beats experience. Employees that have been in the trenches for years deserve some level of recognition for their persistence and efforts.

The same is true in a volunteer setting. When someone has given of their time over the years, those years should not be overlooked. One of the best ways to show recognition for years of service is with a customized lapel pin.

Our lapel pins are completely customizable. The size, shape, color, logo, print, and every other detail of these hard enamel pins can be specifically designed so they suit your recognition needs to a T.

Many companies like to create their pins, order them in bulk, and have them on hand to award to employees as they are earned. And if space is an issue, the dedicated storage facility at Trophy House is happy to keep track of them for you.

When an employee or volunteer fastens the pin onto their lapel in the morning, they proudly bear your gratitude and their dedication on the breast for all to see.

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