Plaques for Restaurants: Fast Food Recognition

Plaques for Restaurants: Fast Food Recognition

The Trophy House

Sales achievements, customer service recognition, and industry awards are all common in a successful restaurant.  Whether you own a standalone franchise, a series of locations, or run a massive corporation of quick service restaurants, recognizing these different benchmarks and accomplishments goes a long way.  But what is the best way to not only acknowledge your employees and leadership but also communicate with your customers of these achievements? 

Plaques.  Not only can plaques be customized in terms of materials, colors, logos, etc.; they also serve as beautiful and meaningful decorations of achievement.  Plaques can be used for a variety of different awards:

  • Quarterly Awards
  • Annual Awards
  • Individual Employee Awards
  • Customer Satisfaction Awards
  • Industry Awards
  • Media Awards
  • Corporate Awards
  • And More

These awards can be completely customized to distinguish and differentiate different achievements.  While they can build the morale of your employees as each award is announced and hung with pride; award plaques are a great public relations tool as well.  As customers, vendors, and other guests visit your location; they will see these different awards.  As quarterly and annual awards begin to accrue, it will display a level of consistency and performance that speaks for itself.

If your franchise, chain, or location is looking to add awards to its plans, or simply need to update and refresh existing awards, the experts at The Trophy House are here to help.