Personalized Etched Wine Glasses Solve The Holiday Party Dilemma

Personalized Etched Wine Glasses Solve The Holiday Party Dilemma

The Trophy House

Ah, December! The holiday party season is swinging into full gear. While stocking up on nice bottles of wine to give your hosts and hostesses can be a considerate gesture, the thoughtfulness gets lost when you arrive to find a table already full of gifted wine. But don’t fret. This all-too-common gaffe is also easily avoidable! Instead of adding another bottle to the table, what if you brought your hosts something to drink with? The fine, etched wine glasses available at Trophy House may just solve your holiday gift-giving dilemma.

Bringing personalized etched wine glasses as a favor is not only a lovely way to distinguish your gift, but these glimmering glasses can also start a glittering conversation. While you can simply have your host’s name etched onto the glasses, there’s freedom to take the etching in many different directions. Some creative gift-givers have had nicknames, special quotes, or mottos etched on the glasses. Some have even added an important date! While a bottle of wine is a wonderful way to add to the celebration, personalized wine glasses are a lasting token of your friendship and appreciation.

If you want to set your gift apart from the table full of wine bottles this holiday season, call our team at The Trophy House and we’ll be happy to help you.

Etched wine glasses not really your style? You can still define your wine (bottle) with a gorgeous personalized wine box—available at the Trophy House of Baton Rouge!

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