Personalized Cutting Boards: What Makes The Best Gift For Cheese Lovers?

Personalized Cutting Boards: What Makes The Best Gift For Cheese Lovers?

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Everyone has a friend that knows the most about cars, wine, landscaping, cooking; more specifically cheese.  Cheese is one of the most common and popular foods amongst party faire.  But as anyone familiar with cheese or charcuterie knows, while the food is important, so is the equipment.  Perhaps most important for not only performance, but atmosphere is the cutting board on which the cheese is prepared and served.  So, that begs the question: What is the best type and style of cutting board for serving cheese?

What is the best cutting board for cheese?

Wood is the ideal material for a cutting board, especially for cheese.  The ease of cutting and preparing on wood is incomparable to any other board.  Wooden cutting boards allow for rounds to be cut into wedges, and for harder cheeses, like parmesan, to be brought down to reasonable blocks for you to slice and shave. 

What kind of wood is best for a cutting board?

When choosing a wooden cutting, avoid a surface that easily absorbs flavors.  The natural state of cheese makes it rich in fats and oils, and while these properties add to the character and flavor of the cheese, they can also make it unsavory after a certain point in time.  Oak and other soft woods should be avoided.  These soft, porous surfaces are notorious for transference.  However, no matter which type of wood you choose, ensure that it is food safe in terms of oil and wax.   Avoid any board that feature a lacquer finish or varnish.

What makes for the perfect touch on a cutting board?

There are few things that signify a kitchen more than a cutting board.  It is unique to its place in the home.  It servers a distinct role in not only preparing, but presenting meals. Now we know the types of cutting boards that are best for entertaining, but while performance is needed, how can the aesthetics and personality of this tool be improved?  The answer is simple and elegant.  Wooden cutting boards can be etched to create the ideal, customized, personalized look, message, commemoration, or memory for anyone.  Initials, a last name, a logo, or anything else can be laser etched into a bamboo cutting board.  This makes for not only a handy kitchen device, but a unique keepsake.

Personalized, laser etched cutting boards make the perfect wedding or housewarming gift.  The experts at The Trophy House in Baton Rouge have the experience and skill to bring your vision to life. 

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