Housewarming Gifts: Great Ideas For A New Baton Rouge Home

Housewarming Gifts: Great Ideas For A New Baton Rouge Home

The Trophy House


Moving into a new home is an exciting time; not only for the homeowner, but for friends and family that now have a new destination to visit.  While the hustle and bustle of moving, decorating, and settling in can be hectic, it is also a time to celebrate.  One of the silver linings to all of that hard work is a housewarming party, or at the very least, housewarming gifts.

These tokens given by friends and family in celebration of a new home are a great way to enhance different areas of the house.  What makes them even more special is the ability and option to personalize.  But what is a good housewarming gift to give?  The Trophy House in Baton Rouge has you covered.

Personalized Wine Glass

There is nothing like celebrating a new home over a glass of wine with close friends.  Not only are these elegant wine glasses a nice addition to the cupboard; they can be personalized with a unique message that will commemorate your new home and create a lasting memory.

Customizable Cutting Boards

In south Louisiana the kitchen is the center of any home, so it makes sense that so many gifts revolve around it.  A beautiful, ornate, customizable cutting board is the perfect addition for someone’s new kitchen.  These laser etched cutting boards come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs so you can easily tailor it for the perfect gift.

Customizable Bamboo Trivet and Tile

One of the unique pieces at The Trophy house is a customizable bamboo trivet and tile.  This beautiful piece of bamboo is 9”x 9” and features a tile that can be personalized.  This piece is a great way to brighten up any countertop or shelf and is a special way to make someone’s house a home.

These are only a few of the gift items available at The Trophy House.  The ability to personalize and customize different gifts is a great way to get someone something special as they welcome you to their new home.