Get The Most Out Of Your Annual Employee Awards

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Employee Awards

As we near the end of the calendar year, many companies are planning their annual get together to recap where the company is and lay out the plan for where they are going. These meetings usually include some sort of employee awards presentation as a way to reward those who have worked the hardest or shown the best results. These presentations are intended to not only boost morale for the winners, but to motivate the whole team heading into the next year. Since that is the goal, what does your company need to do to get the most out of your annual employee awards?

Make your employee awards worthwhile

If you give out a certificate that is “suitable for framing,” your employees know right off the bat that you put little to no effort into the award. Why should they work hard to win something that was clearly an afterthought for you? Whether you opt for an acrylic, a resin, a plaque, or a crystal or glass award, the recipient should know that what they have won didn’t come off the printer five minutes before the presentation started.

Personalize your employee awards

Let your award winners know that the award they won is truly theirs. From time to time people ask what exactly should be written on an award, well there is something to be said for pride of ownership. Having your recipient’s name on the award they earn is the best way for them to own, not just the award itself, but what the award stands for. When they see their name, they know that it was their efforts that are being recognized. Receiving a generic award does not carry the same significance.

Diversify your employee awards

The number of awards given out at an annual ceremony should be direct proportion to the number of employees that work for the company. If you have a handful of people who work for you, it may be suitable to just give out one “employee of the year” award. But, if you have a larger number of employees, especially when there are multiple departments, you should add awards so that winning is still an attainable goal. It is very easy for companies to get caught up in annual awards going to those who produce the best revenue driving numbers for the company every year. But what about the employees who don’t work in a department where they drive revenue? Shouldn’t they still be rewarded for excelling at what they are tasked with? Diversifying employee awards can help you boost morale throughout the entire company, not just within the sales staff.

Rewarding and recognizing employees for a job well done has been shown time and again to have benefits that make their way into the culture of the workplace. Appreciation begets hard work, and hard work begets appreciation. If you have any questions about employee awards, or would like some unique suggestions, contact us at The Trophy House.