Four Employee Awards To Boost Morale For Your Business

The Trophy House

As companies plan their annual conferences and conventions, many include employee awards as part of the schedule of events. Being presented with a plaque at an annual conference or convention is a great way to let employees know they are appreciated.  According to Cutting Edge Public Relations, for the cost of a plaque and a shout out from the stage, you can generate increased employee productivity, better quality output, and increase job satisfaction.

While recognizing the right people can jump start the next year for your company, you still need to identify who the right people are. Sure, everyone is going to recognize their best sales people, the employees who generate the most revenue, or the longest tenured employee. While this is important, it is limited to those who are in certain departments, are already at the top of their game, or are on the way out of the game altogether. Here are four awards that you may find worthy of sharing at your next annual conference to boost morale for your business.

Rookie of the Year: Presenting a plaque to a first year employee reinforces the energy with which they started the job. Before they have even had an annual revue, they are reminded that they work for a company that values their early contributions, which should translate to greater effort in year two.

Innovator Award: This could be presented to someone whose job doesn’t offer the kinds of metrics that allow you to reward for performance, like someone in sales does. But, if there is an employee who has found a way to save the company money, streamline efficiency, or otherwise shaken up the way things are done to make them better, then you have a candidate for an “innovator award.”

Employee choice award: Sometimes there is a team member that other team members find they couldn’t live without, but their efforts don’t always make it up to where they are noticed by management. A few weeks before your annual conference or convention, let your employees vote for their own MVP. This recognition is doubly rewarding for the recipient because it is presented by management, but is from their peers.

Lifestyle leader (healthy choices) award: As rising healthcare costs continue to affect the bottom line, a number of companies are implementing a healthy lifestyle challenge in the workplace to keep premiums down. Presenting an award to the person who most excels at this lets every employee know that your commitment to their health goes a lot deeper than an “all employee” email when each challenge starts.

There are countless other categories that could apply to your particular industry. There are also endless possibilities for naming the individual awards as the more creative you get, the more they do for morale. Once you have selected your awards and named them, it is as simple as selecting an accompanying plaque for presentation. Whether you choose beveled glass with a laser plate, or keep it simple with a medallion plaque, we can help you make your annual conference one that has your employees fired up for the next year.

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