Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas: Recognizing Milestones and Memories

Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas: Recognizing Milestones and Memories

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As the year winds down, annual banquets and holiday parties begin to fill up the calendar.  Along with the festivities and comradery, comes a great opportunity to recognize employees.  These parties, banquets and gatherings are a great time to honor the arriving milestones and anniversaries of the current year.  Of course while the party will be nice, it will also be temporary; this is where the awards and gifts come in.  Whatever you choose will be a lasting staple on a desk or bookcase for years to come.  Here are a few ideas.

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.  These are a perfect option for recognizing anniversaries and other milestones.  This material can be engraved with the message of your choosing, as well as your organization’s logo.


Plaques are another item that can be engraved.  With a wide range of colors and finishes, these awards can change from year to year, remain consistent, or be used for different categories like years of service or department.

Desk Items

Desk items are a great idea to honor your long tenured employees.  These are items that can become the focal point of an office.  From clocks to business card holders to a number of other customizable tokens, you can make your staff feel appreciated.

Glass & Crystal

These classic awards are perfect for recognizing the achievements of your staff.  They can be engraved with logos, messages, names, dates, and anything else that you may want to include.  Glass and crystal awards look great on desks, bookcases, tables, and shelves.

These are only a few options.  Of course selecting a type of award or gift that compliments your organization’s culture, as well as the spirit of the milestone itself is critical.  The experts at the Trophy House in Baton Rouge can customize, design, and create the perfect item for your needs.