Directional And Office Signs For Your Baton Rouge Business

Directional And Office Signs For Your Baton Rouge Business

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One of the most underutilized forms of communication in and around the office are signs. In fact, many smaller businesses fail to go beyond the sign outside with the business’ name on it. But, when you think about it, using directional and office signs for your Baton Rouge business can bring many added benefits to help everything from productivity to customer service.

Directional signs are the first line of customer service

While your employees are your greatest customer service asset, how many times does a customer, or potential customer, walk into your office and not want to interact with anyone except the person they are there to see? Whether the receptionist is helping someone else, or away from the desk, proper directional signage can make your customer’s experience better. Getting a customer through your door in the first place isn’t easy; getting them where they need to be efficiently can go a long way to create the right impression of your business.

Directional signs reduce confusion for visitors as well as employees

It’s not always a guest that needs help getting from point A to point B. Often, employees need directional help as well. For example, proper signage can help the person who works in the warehouse every day easily find human resources; or the person in accounts payable to find shipping.

Office signs can reward an employee’s hard work

There are many milestones and accomplishments in a person’s career. Everyone remembers their first promotion. Similarly, anyone who has had a job with their own office knows the feeling of seeing their name on the sign outside the door. It brings with it the reassurance that your company has made an investment in you. It also brings with it a sense of authority and ownership of the job.

Directional and office signs are a branding opportunity

The importance of branding your business can not be overstated. Even within the office, any chance to have your logo, company name, or even slogan placed in front of someone should not be missed. People take in an average of about 5000 advertising messages in any given day. When they are in your office, shouldn’t those messages be exclusively yours?

Directional and office signs can be customized to say anything you need. If you want your logo, company name, or even an inspirational message, that can be done. If you have any questions about what signs are needed around the office, or what styles are available, our team at The Trophy House is happy to help you craft your message.

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