Custom Medallions and Coins: Great Ideas for Your Organization

Custom Medallions and Coins: Great Ideas for Your Organization

The Trophy House

When the time comes to recognize and reward your employees and member of your organization, you have a lot of options.  Trophies, plaques, crystal, acrylic, and more often accompany quarterly and annual awards.  However, one option that you may not have considered, but can be customized to be a unique and special award is a medallion or coin. 

Medallions and medals make great tokens of appreciation and recognition.  These items are commonly used for:

  • Corporate identity
  • Business awards/gifts for both employees and customers
  • Recognition awards for suppliers, vendors, and employees
  • Safety awards
  • Service recognition
  • Commemorative awards for anniversaries and special events

The sky is the limit for medal customization.  You can select every detail from finish to ribbon to shape, and of course the content of the medal.  Include dates, names, logos, and more to make each medal match its purpose. 

Customized medallions can also be incorporated into wall awards, like plaques.  This is a great way to not only honor individuals, with their own medallion, but you can also commemorate the performance of an entire office, division, or group.  By creating your own specific medallion and including it as part of a plaque that can be hung in a central area, you can get even more mileage out of your medallion design.

If you are planning your awards for the year, let the experts at The Trophy House help.  With experience and expertise, they can recommend, design, and deliver the exact items you are looking for.