Cleaning & Caring for Resin Statues and Awards

Cleaning & Caring for Resin Statues and Awards

The Trophy House

Resin awards and statues make great gifts and tokens of appreciation and achievement.  This material allows for a wide variety of figures to be made, offering the look of metal or stone while maintaining an affordable price and comfortable weight.  This composite blend of plastic is rotationally molded into a strong and pliable design. 

While they are made out of plastic, the resin that creates these trophies and awards is formulated to provide enhanced durability and elasticity to prevent breaking, cracking, and shattering.  Resin actually begins as a powder that is liquefied by heat before being poured into a mold.  The resin is then slowly cooked and rotated in the mold giving it the characteristics it needs to withstand weathering and abuse.

While this material offers a look of stone or metal, it should not be treated as either.  Nor should these awards and statues be maintained as regular plastic.  However, it also doesn’t mean that there is a complex method for cleaning and caring for these items.  Quite the opposite.  To keep your resin statues and awards clean and in great shape, simply clean them with warm, soapy water, then dry completely.  It is very important to be careful when cleaning these items, once resin breaks, it cannot be repaired.

There are many benefits to resin statues and trophies that range from durability to price.  Resin is a great option when it comes to both gifts and awards.  The Trophy House in Baton Rouge is your source for resin trophies and awards and their experienced staff can help you select the perfect item.