Baton Rouge Trophy Repair

Baton Rouge Trophy Repair

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Trophies mark an achievement, a memory, a moment in time.  And just like most things, as that moment becomes farther and farther in the past, time can take its toll.  While the pride and memories never fade, the same can’t always be said about the condition of the trophy.  It also isn’t always an antique award that may need some extra care; accidents do happen.  In 1995 Eddie George was at an airport with his brand new Heisman Trophy and it came out of the x-ray machine with a missing finger. So when accidents and damage do happen, it’s important to find someone that can repair and restore a damaged trophy to its original glory. 

Here are a few common issues with older trophies that can be repaired and restored.

  • Tarnished Metal: Tarnished metal is very common in older and antique trophies.  Materials like Copper, brass, silver, and aluminum react to moisture and other elements in the air that creates a thin layer of corrosion.  Metal polish is a great way to restore the luster and shine to any trophy, making it look new again.
  • Broken Figures / Handles / Pieces: When you move or store a trophy there is always the risk of damage. Depending on the type of award there can be a variety and combination of different figures, handles, pieces, and other decorations.  As the trophy ages, these components can become more fragile and break.  By replacing these figures, even the most damaged trophy will look brilliant back in the trophy case.
  • Scratches: Scratches are a very normal and understandable example of the damage that can happen to a trophy or award, especially over time. These scratches can diminish the appearance of the trophy and in some cases even make labels, plates, and other items illegible.  However, scratches can be easily repaired.  Oftentimes polishing will remove simple scratches. 

Trophies are earned, won, and deserved.  No matter when or where, they symbolize a significant achievement and hold incredible sentimental value.  Neither time nor accidents should take these mementos off of display.  With decades of experience and expertise, the professionals at The Trophy House in Baton Rouge are available to repair and restore your trophies and awards.


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