Baton Rouge Swimming Awards: Medals and Ribbons

Baton Rouge Swimming Awards: Medals and Ribbons

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We are only one year removed from the Olympics.  Every four years sports like swimming make for primetime viewing.  But here in south Louisiana, summer swim leagues are an annual tradition.  While the podium is stacked with international athletes, gold, silver, and bronze medals draped over their necks and national anthems are played for the Olympics; recognizing the athletes in our country club and community pools is just as rewarding.  While the pageantry and tradition of the Olympics is inspiring, how can you capture that spirit at your local swim meets and end-of-the-year championships?

Ribbons for Heat Champions

Each event has a number of heats; each their own individual race comprised of swimmers with similar times.  No matter if you are in the first heat, or the last, this offers a great opportunity to recognize these swimmers.  Ribbons provide a great award for these accomplishments:

  • 1st Place – Blue
  • 2nd Place – Red
  • 3rd Place – White
  • 4th Place – Yellow
  • 5th Place – Green
  • 6th Place – Pink
  • 7th Place – Purple
  • 8th Place – Brown

Ribbons are an inexpensive option for race awards.  Ribbons can be customized to represent the year, league, event, or anything else.  They also hold up well in the wet environment of the pool deck.               

Medals for Event Champions

Another option for recognizing these athletes is medals.  Medals are great for recognizing event champions.  You can even designate these special awards for your end-of-the-year championship meets.  Of course, gold, silver, and bronze each represent first, second, and third place finishers.  These medals can be handed out at the conclusion of each event based on the final standings.  Medals can be customized with the name of the event, year, league, and anything else that you’d like to include.  Also the ribbon on each medal can be customized as well.  While medals do cost more than ribbons, they are still a very affordable option, and will hold a special place in these young athlete’s trophy cases for years to come.

As this year’s summer league swim season begins to wind down, or if you are planning for next summer, ribbons and medals make for simple and special awards.  The Trophy House in Baton Rouge is your destination for these items and more.  With excellent customer service, a great selection, and years of experience and expertise, The Trophy House can handle any and all of your award needs.

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