Baton Rouge Glass & Crystal Awards: Keeping Glass and Crystal Clean

Baton Rouge Glass & Crystal Awards: Keeping Glass and Crystal Clean

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Glass and crystal awards are beautiful, elegant, and ornate mementos of achievement and recognition.  Even more important than their physical, aesthetic appearance are the memories that they represent.  But while those memories won’t soon fade, the same can’t always be said for the condition of glass and crystal.  As these awards are handled, moved, read, or even left sitting, smudges, fingerprints and dust can take away their luster and shine.

Dusting Your Glass & Crystal Awards

One of the most common issues with keeping these materials clean is dust.  After you select the perfect location in your home or office to display these awards they’ll attract and collect dust, no matter where they are placed.  Depending on the air quality these materials can accumulate dust in as little as 1-2 weeks.  However there is an easy solution for this.  Using a feather duster or microfiber cloth removes the dust from these surfaces.  No chemicals or other solutions are necessary to remove dust, and in fact can they be harmful to the delicate structure of crystal.

Cleaning Your Glass & Crystal Awards

As your award is handled smears, smudges, fingerprints, and other elements can appear on the surface.  For these occasions a feather duster won’t do much.  However there is still an easy solution to restore the brightness and clarity of these materials.  Simply spray a small amount of ammonia-based glass cleaner on each side of the award, then gently wipe with a paper towel.  Make sure that you remove all the cleaner as you wipe to avoid unsightly streaks.

The maintenance and cleaning of glass and crystal is a simple, but important task that can keep these awards and materials looking brand new, no matter how long you’ve had them.  For your glass and crystal award needs the experts at The Trophy House in Baton Rouge can design and create exactly what you’re looking for.

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