Award A Job Promotion With A Custom Lapel Pin

The Trophy House

Employee Lapel Pins

When you give an employee a raise or a promotion, it often comes with certain fringe benefits. Sometimes that benefits package includes an exclusive parking spot or access to executive facilities at work like a gym, kitchen, or lounge. But how do you differentiate between the employees who have earned these added privileges and those who haven’t? One of the most efficient ways is to award a job promotion with a custom lapel pin.  

Rewarding someone who earns a promotion with a custom lapel pin can serve multiple purposes. While it can be a clear indicator of the benefits and privileges that come with rising through the ranks, it can also serve as a daily reminder to that employee that the company recognizes their efforts. By giving them something as simple as a customized lapel pin, they know they are appreciated.

Many companies opt to buy their lapel pins in bulk to make it easier and more efficient to award them when the time comes. If you have questions, concerns, or would like to place an order, give the Trophy House team a call today!

lapel pin for job promotion