Acknowledge an Employee’s Retirement with a Custom Lapel Pin

The Trophy House

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American worker will hold 12-15 jobs in their lifetime, which means they spend—on average—4.2 years at any one job. While this data might suggest that the days of the lifelong company man are gone, it’s important to note that career longevity varies wildly by field.

Manufacturing jobs, for instance, buck that 4.2-year trend. In plants and factories, we are still seeing careers that last 25-30 years or longer. In these fields, a long-standing relationship between employee and employer can be nurtured and grow. When the employee retires and that relationship comes to a close, it is important to mark the occasion. One way to acknowledge an employee’s retirement is with a custom lapel pin.

By honoring your retiring employee with a customized lapel pin , you are letting them know that though the curtain is falling on your working relationship, they are still very much a part of the team. They can wear their pin in their remaining days on the job, or to any company functions when they are invited back after their last day.

Because of their total customizability, our lapel pins can be uniquely designed to include everything you want to commemorate—such as the company logo, their years of service, or even the employee's name.