A Customized Cutting Board Adds a Personal Touch to Gift-giving

The Trophy House

Personalized cutting boards

When it comes time to give a loved one a present—whether for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, Christmas, or any occasion in between—you want the gift to be unforgettable. You want it to be useful. You want it to be personal. And you want it to mean something. These wants are fulfilled when your gift is a customized cutting board.

Each laser-etched bamboo cutting board can be uniquely tailored to the recipient. Whether your recipient’s surname, nickname, or their initials, you can have them finely etched into the two-toned bamboo cutting board. Perhaps you know their favorite quote or verse? That can be added as well! For a slightly higher fee, you can even have their signature scanned and etched onto the board.

The only limits are your imagination and the cutting board’s dimensions!

One idea that has been growing in popularity is having a favorite family recipe etched on to a charming paddle-shaped bamboo cutting board and giving it to other family members as a keepsake. This is not only a useful and beautiful gift, but a great way to start or pass on a family tradition.

Whether you have an idea for personalizing a cutting board and want to know if we can accommodate it or you’re looking for more etching inspiration, give the Trophy House team a call. As a family-run business, we understand the importance of the personal touch.