5 Reasons Your Fantasy Football League Needs A Trophy

5 Reasons Your Fantasy Football League Needs A Trophy

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Fantasy football continues to grow in popularity for a number of reasons. First of all, it adds excitement to games we may not otherwise watch.  It also turns a passive fan into an active participant and gets our competitive juices flowing; but most of all it’s something we can do among friends.  Whether you’re in a neighborhood league, an office pool, or a league full of old college buddies, the season ultimately comes down to the hardware.  A memento of your expertise, a souvenir of your dominance, something that will stand the test of time, something that you can show off for years to come.  As each season comes to an end, it’s only appropriate to crown your champion, and here are five reasons your fantasy football league needs a trophy.

A fantasy football trophy starts the season off right.

The fantasy football draft is already one of the best nights of the year. Getting together with your league and getting down to the business at hand makes for the perfect way to start your season. But it can be even better if the league trophy is right there in the middle of the room for all to gawk at throughout the draft. Just like it is for the professional athlete, the promise of a new season is right there in front of you.

A fantasy football trophy means built-in trash talk throughout the season.

Many fantasy football leagues have Facebook groups, message boards, or email threads. Any time the current champion feels the need, they can snap a picture of the trophy, prominently positioned in their home, and post it as a reminder to the rest of the league of their dominance.

A fantasy football trophy is a fitting reward at the end of the season.

Winning your fantasy football league is a proud moment. It starts on draft night and continues through each Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. When you win your fantasy football league, there should be a reward at the end; something you can hoist over your head, place on a shelf, and remind your friends of every time you speak.

A fantasy football trophy is a great excuse to get together after the season is over.

After the draft party, most fantasy football leagues go their separate ways. Rosters are set via phones, tablets, and laptops. Most communication is via the internet as well. But, if you have a trophy presentation at the end of the season, you have an excuse to get everyone together again for another great night.

A fantasy football trophy doesn’t have to just be for the winner.

Just as difficult as it is to win, it’s almost just as difficult to finish last.  And that feat deserves its own distinction.  Since trash talk is such a large part of so many fantasy football leagues, the last place trophy is becoming just as popular as the first place trophy. If we can glorify the greatness it takes to win, why not add some incentive to avoid the cellar?

The reward for a fantasy football season well done can reflect your league, its members, and denote the goal that was achieved.  While each season can be immortalized relatively inexpensively, some trophies may range up to $400.  For a traveling trophy option (where the trophy goes to the winner each year) splitting that one time cost between each person in the league creates an affordable, high quality option for your league’s highest prize.  If you have questions about specifications for the trophy you want for your league, give us a call at The Trophy House, and we’ll help you bring it to life.

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