5 Reasons Your Business Needs Employee Name Badges

The Trophy House

Employee nametags

As a business owner, you want to put the best foot forward with your customers. It's no secret that a positive customer experience has a direct correlation to the overall success of your business. Business owners are always analyzing new tools and strategies to aid in the consumer experience. Often times, business owners will unknowingly eliminate measures that actually help with customer service. Employee name tags are a prime example of this situation. For a number of businesses, name badges have fallen to the wayside, and we firmly believe this is a mistake. To support our view, we have listed five reasons why your business should invest in employee name badges. 

  1. Branding – It’s tough enough to grow brand awareness in today’s noisy and over-communicated world. A name badge with your company logo is a unique way to keep your brand top of mind. Every customer interaction is another small marketing message for your company.
  2. Customer Service – Building good rapport is a vital ingredient to excellent customer service. It may seem simple, but the first step to developing a relationship is knowing someone’s name. By providing your employees with a name badge, you are enabling the start of a relationship between your employees and customers. It’s a lot more comfortable for a customer to say, “I was talking with Tom about that,” than it is for them to say, “I was talking to the tall guy.”
  3. Accountability – When customers know who they are dealing with, they are able to provide the appropriate credit for great service; alternatively, if something isn’t to their liking, correct attribution for reporting the problem is essential to rectifying the situation.
  4. Context – Along with your logo and the employee’s name, you may want to consider having a job title on the name badge. This lets the customer know immediately if they are dealing with a manager or a trainee. A level of ease is produced when working with a seasoned employee. On the flip side, people tend to be more patient with a trainee, if they are aware ahead of time. A name tag can jumpstart a relationship by providing the customer with the right context.
  5. Communication – Name badges also help employees know and recognize one another. If you own a business with many employees, have multiple departments that don’t regularly interact, or have high employee turnover, name badges can play a critical role in improving internal communication and relations.

There are many additional benefits for employee name badges, but the five reasons listed in this blog provide a strong case for investing in employee name badges.  With a small investment, employee name badges can produce a long lasting impact on your business.