5 Personalized Awards for Your Youth Sports Team

5 Personalized Awards for Your Youth Sports Team

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There can be a lot of debate surrounding youth sports.  Coaches and parents often take very different stances in areas such as the level of competition or who should start the game.  Still, there are some things that everyone can seem to agree on.  Teamwork, putting forth your best effort, and never giving up are just some of the values that we hope to impart to our children through their time on the court or the field.  When a child works hard and is recognized with a statue, a plaque, or a medallion it helps to solidify these lessons. Consider one of the following personalized awards for the members of your youth sports team, and give them the motivation to keep up their dedication to the game.

Sportsmanship Awards

The sportsmanship award should go to the child who is most likely to pick an opponent up when they’ve been knocked down. As we teach our kids to compete, we want them to win or lose the right way and maintain their compassion for others. Giving an award for sportsmanship is a reminder that there are things that are bigger than that day’s game.

Improvement Awards

There’s always a kid on the team that outshines the rest. Some kids are naturally athletic, and their performance is reflected on the scoreboard or the amount of playtime they receive. But what about the kids who started the season barely grasping the game and committed themselves to learning? Their work ethic should not be overlooked and an improvement award can help keep them motivated.

Perseverance Awards

Similar to improvement, the perseverance award applies to the kid or kids that are fighting harder at the end of the season than they were on day one. They may not be the most gifted athletes, but that doesn’t curtail their efforts. Rewarding perseverance at a young age reinforces work ethic long after their athletic career is over.

Hustle Awards

Every team has that kid who gives every ounce of energy they have on the field. If there’s a loose ball, you know they’re the one diving for it. As a coach, this is the kid you want to set the bar for everyone else’s level of effort. Rewarding that player with a hustle award shows the rest of the team why that bar should be met and cleared.

Student of the game Awards

The student of the game award is for the player that just “gets it,” the one that is the first to learn both the offenses, and the defenses. This is the player who watches the other games before theirs and tries to learn from them. This award has little to do with ability. Instead, it has to do with a commitment to learning.

While it is usually clear which kid is the best on the team, that doesn’t mean that other kids aren’t giving their best. Rewarding them reinforces their strengths and encourages them to grow, not just in the sport they are playing, but throughout all aspects of life. If you would like to learn more about which sports awards are available, please contact our team at The Trophy House for more information.

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